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Thank you for all your support over the years

NINA would like to take this chance to have a huge shout out to all our beautiful volunteers. Those that are busy shopping for our clients, those that are busy driving people to appointments, and those who are currently protecting themselves from this horrid virus.

Thank you for all your support over the years and we look forward to be able to celebrate in person for the amazing work you do for all the clients of NINA!…

We love receiving feedback at NINA.

Here are just a couple of testimonials from some of our clients.
“These are a great mob of people, who are most friendly and helpful. I wish to congratulate them on the great work they do”

And another-
My association with NINA has only been a few years- once I settled into Helensburgh life I realised I had’won the lottery” in being connected to a great obliging, happy group”

Thank you for such kind words and we would love to see new clients join up for our services. If you know someone who might be interested in some social connection or in need of transport please let them know about NINA.…

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